22 Dec

Chaka Reveals Secrets Behind Her Diva Makeup Ritual

by Macenzie Wagoner | VOGUE Imagine the kind of confidence it requires to sing, “I’m every woman, it’s all in me” and mean it. On a winter evening in Los Angeles, Chaka Khan is the embodiment of that feminine power. Upon her arrival at the Chateau Marmont, she apologizes for her cold, though over the course of the night, her lightning-quick wit and undeniable star quality—best exemplified by the dramatic deployment of a handheld fan between dustings of vibrant crimson blush along...
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30 Nov

Zero F*cks About Miss Universe, But Miss Jamaica!

by Kaleigh Fasanella | Allure Miss Jamaica, Davina Bennett may have been the second runner-up at this year's Miss Universe pageant, but she might as well have taken home the first place win if Twitter has anything to say about it. And, oh, do they ever. Shortly after walking onto the stage with her short Afro, Twitter was abuzz with myriad complimentary comments including, "All of that natural hair, melanated black girl magic!! 😍 ," and "MISS JAMAICA’S AFRO IS GIVING ME ALL TYPES...
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20 Aug

1981, First Blitz invasion of the US

New York 1981: In braided short hair and hallmark narrow pants, Sade fits a model with her outfit on the Demob label. Sade once told Shapers that Princess Diana’s question to her after a Prince’s Trust concert was: “Do you always dress like a man?” Photographed © by Shapersofthe80s (I don't remember how I stumbled upon this amazing blog, but if you love everything early '80s, look no further than Shapers of the 80's. I was waved into this exclusive show...
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7 Aug

Kheris Rogers, Previously Bullied is Radiant in Photo Series

by Cree B. McClellan | AfroPunk   ATTENTION: To all the confused, brain-washed bullies who tried to call Kheris Rogers out for her skin, we say, “Thank You!” because look at her now: unapologetically slaying and making moves comfortably. Oh yeah, and she’s just 10-years old. In stunning new series from Creative Soul Photo, the young designer–known for her empowering t-shirt line “Flexin’ In My Complexion“–flaunts her beautiful skin in angelic fashion as she sets an example of self-love for all. If Kheris can teach...
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8 Jul

Africa Now: The New Diasporic Renaissance

Wardrobe: Abasi Rosborough   by Stephanie Smith-Strickland | High Nobiety In 2005, London-born, Nigerian-Ghanaian novelist and essayist Taiye Selasi wrote an article for Lip Magazine titled, Bye-Bye Babar. The article, a reflection on the shifting nature of African identity, presented a new term for which to describe a generation of global professionals and creatives with strong ties to the continent: Afropolitan. Selasi defines Afropolitans as, “the newest generation of African emigrants, coming soon or collected already at a law firm/chem lab/jazz lounge near you. You’ll know us by...
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25 Jun

This Ivorian Artist Sculpts Her Hair Into Anything

by Hidreley Leli Dião | Bored Panda   Laetitia KY is a fashion designer and, as she states herself, an art addict from Ivory Coast in Africa. Recently, she's been making some waves on Instagram after releasing her new photo series in which she transforms her hair into all kinds of shapes to express her mind. Laetitia leaves people surprised not only because of her infinite creativity, but also of the fact that our hair can be shaped in such different ways to really speak our...
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28 Dec

Born Beautiful: Tracey Morgan, First Black Transgender Model

 by Jada Yuan and Aaron Wong (Photographs by Peter Hapak, Styling by Diana Tsui) The Cut Tracey’s model card from the Grace Del Marco agency, 1991, before she changed the spelling of her name.  Tracey “Africa” Norman always knew that the question wasn’t if she’d be found out, but how long she could go undetected. To be black and from Newark in the mid-1970s and get plucked from a model casting call for Italian Vogue by Irving Penn — it was the kind of success story that was unheard of, especially for someone...
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27 Dec

A New Squad of Superheroes

by Paola Mathe | Finding Paola *UPDATE Sadly, activist/model Mama Cax/Cacsmy Brutus passed away on December 16, 2019 at the age of 30.  I once saw her on the subway and introduced myself, telling her how inspirational I found her; she was lovely. She was a real-live superhero. Here's a link to The NY Times article about her life. In the dark shadows of the night where women’s screams were unheard, and evil crept silently through back alleyways and hidden streets, four super heroes emerge to fight...
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26 Nov

‘The Prophecy’: Senegal’s Trash Transformed Into Haute Couture Art

Fabrice Monteiro, “The Prophecy #1” (2013) (image via Mariane Ibrahim Gallery, © Mariane Ibrahim) by Carey Dunne Hyperallergenic In The Prophecy, a striking series by Dakar-based photographer Fabrice Monteiro, majestic alien creatures wear hoop skirts and headdresses made from soda cans, garbage bags, fishing nets, tortoise shells, and the odd baby doll. It isn’t just fashion photography at its most theatrical and cinematic: There’s a vivid environmentalist message here, though it doesn’t look like any anti-pollution campaign you’ve ever seen. To visualize the pollution problem that plagues Senegal, Monteiro collaborated with fashion designer Doulsy and the Ecofund Organization to...
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21 May

African Models on the Runway: Malaika Firth

  by Ms. K Malaika Firth was born in Kenya and is of British-Kenyan decent. Malaika was one of the first Black models to appear in a Prada advertising campaign in almost 20 years. I know – pretty lame of Prada but hey… For Elle France photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino took these awesome and stunning shots of her. I love the clothing! There is everything here that I like and would wear instantly: striped dresses, burgundy & print skirts, print dresses and, and, and. It’s a mix of casual, boheme, Africa-inspired, 60's...
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30 Mar

My First Apartamento: Vanguard Stylist, Zoe Bedeaux

by Nacho Alegre, Natalia Rachlin, Raven Smith | NOWNESS Over the course of her 25-plus year career, Zoe Bedeaux has dressed Grace Jones and Kate Moss, styled the pages of W, Self Service and 032c, and steadfastly pursued a decade-long collaboration with Juergen Teller. The London-based fashion vanguard is considered part of an influential group of 90s stylists that includes Camilla Nickerson, Jane How, Camille Bidault-Waddington, who all created shoots for The Face and i-D on a shoestring budget—and she had, and still has, an uncanny and unparalleled eye for spotting vintage treasures. Today, though less actively involved...
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26 Feb

The Art of Victor Ehikhamenor, Discovered Through Fashion

Art Lovers | Eye Love You by blackfabulousity We’ve always believed that fashion as an art form, can throw down its commercial guns and take on the full embodiment of the creative arts, as was aptly illustrated through the fabrics of Ituen Basi’s Spring Summer 2014  ‘Ekemini’ collection showcased at the 2013 Music Meets Runway.                                                               The collaboration which brought two energetically creative forces together went beyond just slapping the artist’s patterns and paintings on a piece of fabric. They created living art, the models became...
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16 Feb

Deborah Latouche’s Imaginative Styling

For BAMBI: Photograpy Daniel Hermy | Styling Deborah Latouche | Make Up Daniel Hermy using Nars | Hair Stephen Lacey @ Terri Manduca | Model Clara Benjamin @ LA Models Deborah Latouche is a UK stylist who "executes iconic fashion stories with creative vision and ease. Her flare for colour, love of new and established designers and meticulous eye for detail is clearly evident in her work which is always vibrant, exciting and progressive." She illustrates children's books too.   ...
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8 Feb


I had to really dig to find the source of this shoot.  Originally from the magazine A Perfect Guide, #23 S/S 2012: A Celebration of Pattern, shot by Matthew Brookes. The magazine was based in Stockholm and seems to have folded. Bask in their beauty.   © by A Perfect Guide / Photography Matthew Brookes / Styling Bill Mullen / Models: David Agbodji, Dominique Hollington, Henry Watkins                ...
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