27 Dec

A New Squad of Superheroes

by Paola Mathe Finding Paola


In the dark shadows of the night where women’s screams were unheard, and evil crept silently through back alleyways and hidden streets, four super heroes emerge to fight injustice and crime against women. 

I love long hot, steamy showers. That’s the place most of my ideas come from. A lot of the time, my ideas are very silly. I think of magic, being back in Haiti as a little girl, and creating random things either for work or fun. I love to create stories in the shower. A lot of them get lost in my mind once I step out of the bathroom into the real world. Or I get embarrassed about them and choose not to share them with others. But this one came to stay. I immediately grabbed my phone and texted my friends. I told them, I wanted to be a super hero, but I didn’t want to be alone and I needed their help. I had a whole story, and the more I thought about it, the clearer it came. They all immediately agreed to join me in my superhero adventure, so I texted a photographer friend of mine to confirm our underground shoot.

I don’t think Aaron of NYC_Underground understood the idea completely, but he likes me enough so he agreed. CacsmyKristiaNichole, and I showed up at Hudson Yards subway station that night feeling more powerful than ever. Clad in black with layers of leggings, body suits, fringe gloves, and harnesses, we were ready to take the night! I was in character

The evening before, after a twelve hour work day, I messaged Katerina, a designer friend of mine who was based in Harlem. Her whole style is goth meets bondage meets sporty. I told her the idea, and she invited me to play in her studio. She measured my legs for my custom stretch leather leggings. We then selected a variety of belts, and gloves to complete the looks. We wore basic American Apparel bodysuits as the foundation of our uniforms.

The idea came because I like to display how strong women are in pretty much anything. My company, Fanm Djanm focuses on the strength of all women through African inspired fashion and headwraps. But I wanted this to focus on the modern black woman in today’s world, and to make it fun, I wanted us to have super powers! When I come up with a story or a message I want to work on, the people always come first. Who can play this role? What do they mean to me and the story? Why them? I admire Cacsmy with all of my heart. I’ve loved her the very first time I met her at one of my pop up shops downtown Manhattan. Kristia became my muse before she even knew it. I used to shop at a store she worked at, and every time I saw her, I would tell her how beautiful she is! And Nichole contacted me through my website to photograph me for her “Be the Queen You were Born to Be” photo project, and she also became a muse in my mind during our photo session. These women are inspiring bad ass dream catchers. They make me feel better just being around them. And we all accidentally had similar hair cuts! It was just meant to be. I’m grateful to have friends who support my work and crazy ideas.

About our mission as super heroes:

We fight for those who are told their tears don’t matter. Where the police hurt more than serve, and eating establishments are built just to shorten the lives of the community. We fight for the strong who have been stripped of their powers. We fight for the invisible.


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    Ooooohhhhh this is awesome. All of it!!

    June 19, 2017 at 17:45

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