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25 Jun

This Ivorian Artist Sculpts Her Hair Into Anything

by Hidreley Leli Dião | Bored Panda   Laetitia KY is a fashion designer and, as she states herself, an art addict from Ivory Coast in Africa. Recently, she's been making some waves on Instagram after releasing her new photo series in which she transforms her hair into all kinds of shapes to express her mind. Laetitia leaves people surprised not only because of her infinite creativity, but also of the fact that our hair can be shaped in such different ways to really speak our...
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26 Mar

Artists Wanted for Van Gogh Film Painted Entirely by Hand

 Photo, Oli Scarff/Getty Images SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A unique crew call has been posted for oil painters to work on film about the life of Vincent Van Gogh. Loving Vincent will be the first feature film completely painted by hand. The biopic about the Dutch impressionist painter will be told through some 800 personal letters and 120 of his paintings. Timelapse of Loving Vincent painting process. Directors Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman told Voice of America the 80-minute feature film will require 57,000 painted frames....
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7 Mar

At M.I.T., Science Embraces a New Chaos Theory: Art

Hilarie M. Sheets The NY Times | Arts & Science “Sandcastle No. 3,” drawn on a single grain of sand, part of a Vik Muniz series from 2013.CreditVik Muniz, via Sikkema, Jenkins & Co.  As a graduate student at the respected M.I.T. Media Lab, Marcelo Coelho collaborated with the artist Vik Muniz to help him achieve a poetic and technical feat that teases the imagination: drawing a picture of a castle on a single grain of sand. After two years of failed experiments with various lasers,...
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20 Dec

Black British Artists to Be Written Into Art History

Sonia Boyce to create database of works by artists of African and Asian descent held in UK public collections by Anny Shaw The Art Newspaper The British artist Sonia Boyce aims to rewrite the history of art by creating the first database of works by black artists held in UK public collections. Over the next three years a team of artists and researchers at the University of the Arts London will trawl museums and galleries across the country hunting for works by...
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26 Nov

‘The Prophecy’: Senegal’s Trash Transformed Into Haute Couture Art

Fabrice Monteiro, “The Prophecy #1” (2013) (image via Mariane Ibrahim Gallery, © Mariane Ibrahim) by Carey Dunne Hyperallergenic In The Prophecy, a striking series by Dakar-based photographer Fabrice Monteiro, majestic alien creatures wear hoop skirts and headdresses made from soda cans, garbage bags, fishing nets, tortoise shells, and the odd baby doll. It isn’t just fashion photography at its most theatrical and cinematic: There’s a vivid environmentalist message here, though it doesn’t look like any anti-pollution campaign you’ve ever seen. To visualize the pollution problem that plagues Senegal, Monteiro collaborated with fashion designer Doulsy and the Ecofund Organization to...
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3 Oct

AFRIPEDIA: 5 Short Films + Live Musicians: Ghana, Senegal, South Africa, Kenya & Angola Afrofuturistic Film/Music/Discussion – 11/14 +15/2015

From When Africa is changing, when the world is changing and the perspective is shifting, the image of Africa and Africans needs to change too. Afripedia is promoting and collaborating with a new generation of storytellers leading the way. A source for art, design, videos, photography, fashion, visual arts, music and contemporary culture from the African continent and African creatives working all over the world, Afripedia is a platform and future forum for African creatives worldwide. Five short films and live musicians...
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27 Sep

Unveiling Visions: The Alchemy of the Black Imagination @ The Schomburg 10/1 – 12/31/2015

Mind Blown by Manzel Bowman Unveiling Visions: The Alchemy of the Black Imagination is sure to satisfy the sci-fi/fantasy nerd in all of us. Curated by artist John Jennings and Reynaldo Anderson, this exhibition includes artifacts from the Schomburg collections that are connected to Afrofuturism, black speculative imagination and Diasporan cultural production. Offering a fresh perspective on the power of speculative imagination and the struggle for various freedoms of expression in popular culture, Unveiling Visions showcases illustrations and other graphics that highlight those popularly found...
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9 Apr

Hassan Hajjaj’s ‘A Day in the Life of Karima: A Henna Girl’ World Premiere

Produced and directed by Hassan Hajjaj, 2015, 71 minutes, color Moroccan artist Hassan Hajjaj’s first feature-length film, Karima: A Day in the Life of a Henna Girl, premieres at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s Bing Theater May 13th, 2015 FREE. Taking viewers into the world of one Hajjaj’s most iconic series, Kesh Angels, the film depicts the “henna girls” of Marrakesh. During the course of a day, Hajjaj follows a businesswoman named Karima and her friends, who work as henna artists in Jemaa...
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30 Mar

Feminist Hero ABC’s in Badass Picturebook

A is for Angela Davis THIS. by Laura Feinstein GOOD Magazine Why just learn your ABCs when you can be empowered by them? A new illustrated children’s book from iconic City Lights press, Rad American Women A-Z, offers kids the chance to educate themselves on women’s history and the alphabet at the same time. Written by Kate Schatz and illustrated by Miriam Klein Stahl, the book was inspired by Schatz’s two-year-old daughter. As the writer told Mic, the book was created to fill the “feminist-shaped hole in children's literature,” and goes from A (for Angela Davis) to Z (Zora...
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26 Feb

The Art of Victor Ehikhamenor, Discovered Through Fashion

Art Lovers | Eye Love You by blackfabulousity We’ve always believed that fashion as an art form, can throw down its commercial guns and take on the full embodiment of the creative arts, as was aptly illustrated through the fabrics of Ituen Basi’s Spring Summer 2014  ‘Ekemini’ collection showcased at the 2013 Music Meets Runway.                                                               The collaboration which brought two energetically creative forces together went beyond just slapping the artist’s patterns and paintings on a piece of fabric. They created living art, the models became...
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16 Feb

Deborah Latouche’s Imaginative Styling

For BAMBI: Photograpy Daniel Hermy | Styling Deborah Latouche | Make Up Daniel Hermy using Nars | Hair Stephen Lacey @ Terri Manduca | Model Clara Benjamin @ LA Models Deborah Latouche is a UK stylist who "executes iconic fashion stories with creative vision and ease. Her flare for colour, love of new and established designers and meticulous eye for detail is clearly evident in her work which is always vibrant, exciting and progressive." She illustrates children's books too.   ...
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15 Feb

‘Staying Power: Photographs of Black British Experience, 1950s – 1990s’

"High Street Kensington, 1976" | Photograph: The Estate of Al Vandenberg/Victoria and Albert Museum Founded in 1981, the Black Cultural Archives’ mission is to collect, preserve and celebrate the heritage and history of Black people in Britain. They opened the UK’s first dedicated Black heritage centre in Brixton, London in July 2014. Their unparalleled and growing archive collection offers insight into the history of people of African and Caribbean descent in Britain. The bulk of the collection is drawn from the twentieth century to the present...
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13 Feb

New South African Superhero Comic “Kwezi” by Artist Loyiso Mkize

by Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK [I love that the sister isn't half naked; I'm a fan already.] Check out 'Kwezi', the new comic book series which is getting rave reviews over in South Africa and and now world wide. Created by acclaimed artist Loyiso Mkize, the series is centered on 19 year old Kwezi, a typical South African youngster - immersed in popular youth culture - who develops a connection with his traditional roots,. Mkize says, “It is the journey of a young man. He starts...
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13 Feb

Hassan Hajjaj’s ‘My Rock Stars Experimental’ @ The Newark Museum 2/25 – 9/2015

Hassan Hajjaj: My Rock Stars presents a video installation by Moroccan-born, UK-based artist Hassan Hajjaj, along with a related series of photographs, in a salon installation designed expressly for the exhibition. The video, My Rock Stars Experimental, Volume I (2012), recently acquired by the Newark Museum, pays tribute to individuals who—though they may not all be famous—have inspired the artist personally.  The video features nine separately filmed performances by an international group of musicians and singers whose influences include hip-hop, jazz, as well...
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13 Feb

Blast Off! (I MUST find this book)

by Maria Popova Brain Pickings Visionary Vintage Children’s Book Celebrates Gender Equality, Ethnic Diversity, and Space Exploration “The blackness of space was dotted with stars.” For all their immeasurable delight, children’s books also have a serious cultural responsibility — they capture young minds and plant in them the seeds that blossom into beliefs about what is socially acceptable, what is right and wrong, and what is possible. This weight of possibility is both a blessing and a burden, given the terrible track record children’s books...
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10 Feb

Black Like Basquiat: Jean-Michel & the Black Kids Downtown

(This is an intimate piece written by one of my many prolific and famously unknown friends, Jennifer Jazz, about some of our soon-to-be-very-famous friends. She really captures the spirit of that magic time.) by Jennifer Jazz | AFROPUNK People are always coming and going to Felice’s. There are writers Luc Sante and Darryl Pinckney and filmmaker Jim Jarmusch. Felice Rosser is the Woman-in-the-scarf in Jim’s short film Permanent Vacation and obviously the inspiration behind the character Bargatta in Darryl Pinckney’s novel High Cotton. There’s...
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