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30 Mar

Feminist Hero ABC’s in Badass Picturebook

A is for Angela Davis THIS. by Laura Feinstein GOOD Magazine Why just learn your ABCs when you can be empowered by them? A new illustrated children’s book from iconic City Lights press, Rad American Women A-Z, offers kids the chance to educate themselves on women’s history and the alphabet at the same time. Written by Kate Schatz and illustrated by Miriam Klein Stahl, the book was inspired by Schatz’s two-year-old daughter. As the writer told Mic, the book was created to fill the “feminist-shaped hole in children's literature,” and goes from A (for Angela Davis) to Z (Zora...
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24 Mar

Lithofayne Pridgon: Jimi Hendrix’s Original ‘Foxy Lady’

Jimi and Lithofayne outside the Apollo, 1969. Photograph: Courtesy of Lithofayne Pridgon   Sam Cooke, Sly Stone and Little Willie fought for her attention. Jimi Hendrix loved her so much he wrote songs about her. In a rare interview Lithofayne Pridgon tells Chris Campion the unvarnished story of Harlem’s wildest music scene – and how she came to be Hendrix’s greatest muse by Chris Champion The Observer‘ They were bold and daring, yet endearing at the same time, and they allowed me to just be...
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12 Mar

Young, Black & Victorian: Photographs of Victorian Women of Color

Studio portrait of an African American woman equestrian rider from the late 1880s. by Dangerous Minds Here are some photographs of Victorian women of color that date from 1860 to 1901. Unfortunately, a lot of these photographs have no names attached to the women posed in the photographs. I’d love to know the stories behind each photo. What each woman’s life was like. Sadly, we’ll probably never know.  According to Downtown LA Life: Photos of women of color from this era are hard to come...
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1 Mar

Debbie Harry on Punk and Refusing to Retire

Debbie Harry at 69: 'You have to keep new influences coming in' Photo: MIKE MCGREGOR Forty years after Blondie found fame on the New York scene, Debbie Harry is still waving the flag for women in the music business – of every age by Sheryl Garratt | The Telegraph In 1980, during a tour with Blondie, Debbie Harry hosted a tea party at a London hotel, gathering together many of the women prominent in music at the time. Chrissie Hynde was there; Siouxsie Sioux; the Slits...
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18 Feb

Pussy Riot Release Eric Garner Protest Song “I Can’t Breathe” w/Nick Zinner & Richard Hell

Pussy Riot’s Maria Alyokhina, left, and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova at a news conference in Berlin on Feb. 9. (Markus Schreiber/AP) NME Newsdesk Pussy Riot have released their first English language song – a protest song featuring Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Nick Zinner on bass and Richard Hell reading Eric Garner's final words.                                                                    ...
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13 Feb

Blast Off! (I MUST find this book)

by Maria Popova Brain Pickings Visionary Vintage Children’s Book Celebrates Gender Equality, Ethnic Diversity, and Space Exploration “The blackness of space was dotted with stars.” For all their immeasurable delight, children’s books also have a serious cultural responsibility — they capture young minds and plant in them the seeds that blossom into beliefs about what is socially acceptable, what is right and wrong, and what is possible. This weight of possibility is both a blessing and a burden, given the terrible track record children’s books...
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11 Feb

Jah9, Princess of the new wave of conscious reggae has a LOT to say.

by Andrea Sister From Another Planet There are certain artists who aren't really noted for their singing prowess. Lauryn Hill, Mary J. Blige, Mos Def, even music icons like Nina Simone, Bob Marley and Fela aren't what you'd call "singers' singers". But they are revered for their delivery, poignancy, prolific and often progressive and political lyrics, moving and inspiring millions of people. Janine Cunningham, known Jah9 is a new(er) artist I believe falls into this category. She started out as a spoken word artist in her native Jamaica, and like many before her evolved to...
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10 Feb

The Female Engineer Behind Some of Pop’s Greatest Hits

Emily Lazar: setting the controls for the heart of the sun. Photograph: Becky Yee   Standing out as one of the only women in a male-dominated industry, Emily Lazar is the engineer behind the sound of everyone from Björk to the Killers. by Mona Lalwani |The Guardian  The walls of The Lodge studio are lined with classic platinum records and music memorabilia. A David Bowie poster hangs next to a guitar signed by Lou Reed and a classic jukebox sits by a vintage eight-track player....
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