8 Aug

Koffee Drops The Perfect Quarantine Love Song With “Lockdown”

Keenan Higgins

by KEENAN HIGGINS | Hot New Hiphop

After months of being on lockdown and social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Koffee gives the world a very relatable anthem about living it up to the fullest after this quarantine eases up.

It goes without saying that many of us are completely over this global quarantine. As it looks like we may be approaching better days in the near future — keep those masks on, folks! — GRAMMY-winning reggae sensation Koffee just dropped a chune on us that definitely looks towards the light at the end of this COVID-19 tunnel. 

koffee lockdown
Image: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

“Lockdown” is pretty much just as described, with Koffee lamenting soulfully about where we’ll go, what we’ll do and who we’ll be loving once  the social distancing comes to an end. The accompanying music video makes for a bit of controversy — a block party where no one is wearing masks? — but overall the message is still very uplifting and makes for a beautiful song to enjoy while planning for a time when we can all be together again. Stay safe out there!

Listen to “Lockdown” by Koffee along with the official music video below:

Quotable Lyrics:

Where will we go
When di quarantine ting done and everybody touch road
Mommy, me go NASCAR
Pull up in a fast car
A nuh false start
Mek you and di boss par
I know you’re feeling me
You know I’m feeling you
So what now we fi do

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